TRM's range of control systems run our propriety software which is all written in-house and as such gives excellent protection to virus that can easily infect Windows® or Linux® based machines especially when networked.


The Blackthorn operating system (OS) has been developed in-house specifically for our controllers so that the end user can write their own programs if needed. We have a programming manual that details all of the calls that are available on the system allowing access to inputs, outputs, encoders, analogue inputs, motion control outputs and much more.

Writing in 'C' or other languages the programmer can create software specific to their machine with menus, colours, messages, buttons and screen layouts to provide the operator with all the information they need. Using this method then allows the machine builder a 'in-house' solution should additional parameters be required or a customised layout be required for a particular customer. This can be a good sales point where repeat orders are being quoted for as the controller can be programmed with the end clients 'theme' - logo, company colours etc.

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MAP is a program that has been written so that the majority of applications can be configured and run with the minimum of setup time required. Installation and calibration is all available via menus, Calibration, Motor setup and Speeds, I/O and test/diagnostics. This is a straightforward process as much of the data required will be taken from the encoder or motor.

The operators running program is written by selecting commands from a pop-up menu system and by  setting positions each axis can be positioned accurately. There are commands for general moves, indexing if a series of holes are required, mathematical operations based on acquired or pre-programmed values and many other commands.

MAP is a program that has been developed over many years and one of the more recent introductions to the system is the ability to load G-code. You can now take cad data and run it on the controller, the twist is that you can also add MAP commands to the running program to take care of functions not available in G-code.

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For the accurate control of paper guillotine backgauges. Although similar to metal guillotines, this software has features relating to the printing industry e.g. turning the air cushion on and off, push out after cutting a bale etc. however a lot of the other features are similar to that required in the metalworking industry.

Procut is loaded onto a controller that is already running the Blackthorn operating system, setup is easy and with guidance documentation installation is usually completed within a few hours.

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Drill Data Download

TRM has recently developed a new command in MAP along with windows software to allow the downloading of drill position data to the controller. This data can select between three different drill heads and move to the correct position with all offsets taken into account. Head up and down positions are also taken into account before any movement is allowed to take place.

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Sheetcam CAD to G code

SheetCam is a low cost but feature packed CAM package. SheetCam is suitable for milling, routing, plasma, waterjet, laser and oxy-fuel cutting. Jobs can be created and saved for future reference and then downloaded to TRM's range of controllers. Visit to download a demo version. The full licensed version is not expensive and with the time saved the payback period will be quick.

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